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Scenario: An animal feed manufacturer sought ways to cut expenses without cutting staff. Our team of consultants led the leaders and their staff through a two-day process to uncover hidden cost savings. While the goal was to find $500,000 in cost savings, the cross functional groups actually found $1.5 million in annual savings just by changing some of their current behaviors.

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Scenario: a global spiritual organization needed help creating a more organized structure as well as more professional email communications. Eric worked with the client to create a strategic plan, and continues to coach him monthly on a variety of operational and strategic topics. Jeri creates and schedules the client's bi-monthly newsletter and provides guidance related to digital marketing and website updates. We have worked with this client since 2011.

Scenario: a multi-state religious organization faced the challenge of dwindling membership. Their original organizational premise was no longer relevant to younger members and the changes in family groups. They needed a strategic plan to help them create a new organizational structure for the next five to ten years. We facilitated a two-day retreat with 60 participants identifying key challenges to address. 
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Scenario: a commercial real estate client needed to have his website updated with links to his leasing agent and to the local Scottsdale area. Jeri created a simple website showing space availability with images of the suites and downloadable PDFs of the space plans. Pages listing the benefits of leasing space in the building, the location advantages near the Scottsdale Airpark, freeways, and Scottsdale shopping sites, help to attract website traffic. Jeri continues to update the site as space is leased or becomes available. View the website here.

Scenario: a client's website needed a refresh to look more modern and current. The client had recently learned about facilitated drawing and wanted to incorporate some of her drawings to illustrate key points. Jeri updated the client's website, updated and added new plugins with input from a WordPress expert, and removed links that no longer were functional. The result was a freshened look with art that makes the website approachable, yet professional.

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Your Partners for Coaching, Change Management, Marketing, Training, and Strategic Management

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Founded by Eric and Jeri Denniston, we are a global training and coaching company devoted to managing strategy and change. 

Our expertise in strategic and business planning, digital marketing, leadership coaching, project management, change management, and strategic management is based on Systems Thinking. 


This approach focuses on your future desired outcomes working backward to provide clarity in planning, implementation, and communication.


Whether you are planning an event, a project, or creating a business or marketing plan, start by defining the future desired outcome. Then set specific goals with target dates and accountabilities so you have targets to measure. The tasks to achieve the goals will become evident.


The template at the bottom of this page illustrates this process. Starting on the far right with Step E and then working down to A and B, then across to the left to current day (Step C), and ultimately connecting the Strategies and Tasks in Step D to the outcomes and goals on the right (Steps A and B). 


This framework, once understood, can be adapted for any project, plan or activity.

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Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership is crucial for driving business growth and achieving organizational goals. Our leadership coaching programs are designed to help you develop key leadership skills, improve team performance, and create a positive work culture.

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We offer a wide range of professional services

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Business Planning

Our experienced team will work with you to develop a comprehensive business plan that aligns with your goals and objectives. We will help you define your target market, set realistic financial projections, and create a roadmap for success.

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Digital Marketing

In the digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for business success. We offer a range of digital marketing services, including website development, social media marketing, and email marketing. Our team will help you reach and engage your target audience effectively.

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Strategy and Change

Be a change leader! 


Strategic and operational plans, accountability, communication, strategic thinking, and coordinated tactical actions are all critical components for long-term success. 


This calls for building change into your plans so everyone pulls in the same direction. 


We facilitate the process with team-building exercises designed to stimulate new thinking processes.


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Webinars and Training

Invest in yourself and your business by attending our periodic webinars. Or schedule custom training solutions for your entire team. 


Topics include:

External Environmental Scanning

Project Management

Business Planning with LivePlan

Marketing Planning

Marketing Your Business

Content Marketing Strategy

Website Building Checklist

Developing a Buyer Persona


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Email Communications

Are you in regular contact with your customers and prospects? According to Google, over 91% of Americans and 77% of B2B companies use email newsletters as part of their content marketing strategy. 


Consistent, relevant communication with your ideal customer is a key strategy to increasing your click-through and conversion rates. 


Email still works!


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Why Us

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Who We Are

When you work with us, you get our global perspectives from living, traveling, and working overseas. We bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to every project, ensuring you receive the highest quality guidance and coaching we can provide. Our international experience enables us to work with multi-cultural groups with patience and grace embracing differences in language, culture, and style.


Our Nothing to Lose Guarantee

If you aren’t totally satisfied with our work, you pay us only for our out of pocket expenses. Your success is our success!


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Founded on the values of Respect and Trust, Wisdom and Enthusiasm, Creative Transparency, and Servant Leadership, we strive to make a meaningful difference in supporting positive transformation and long-term sustainability.

Agile Strategic Management Framework

Systems Thinking

All our work is based on using the Systems Thinking Approach®  to planning developed by the Haines Centre for Strategic Management. 


Whether we are working with you to create a strategic plan, a business plan, or a marketing plan, you are learning how to integrate strategic thinking into the process.


This template reflects the process we use when facilitating conversations to help you gain clarity of thinking and focus on a future desired state first. The actions you need to implement become clear as we work out way around this template from right to left, in the order of EABCD.

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